Worksheets/Resources Page

Please find links to a list of worksheets, logs, and other online resources that may be referenced or reviewed during our treatment together. For those who may be browsing the internet, feel free to download references and forms of interest. I hope you find the worksheets to be particularly helpful as you keep track of your thoughts, behaviors, and progresses.

Behavioral Weight Management


Mood/Anxiety Management


Comic Relief/Healthy Distraction






Communication Strategies/Assertiveness









Below, please find various resources that you may find helpful in achieving and/or maintaining wholistic health:

Meditation/Relaxation Resources


Aging/Senior Health

  • MedLinePlus - National Institutes of Health's Website for patients, their families, and friends. MedlinePlus brings you free, reliable, up-to-date health information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand.  MedlinePlus also provides information on latest medical treatments, clinical trials, drugs or supplements, and medical definitions, videos, and illustrations.



Smoking Cessation

  • Arizona Smoker’s Helpline: 1-800-55-66-222
    ASHLine: Free services in both English and Spanish offered by quit coaches right here in Arizona, most who are former tobacco users and understand how hard it is to quit and stay quit. In addition to free telephone, you may create an online WebQuit account and work through activities, set goals, and monitor your progress from your own computer 24/7.

For Veterans:

  • SmokefreeVET:  A new mobile text messaging service available to Veterans quitting smoking. Veterans are provided 24/7 support, tips, and encouragement to help with smoking cessation. SmokefreeVET is a collaboration between VHA Tobacco & Health and the National Cancer Institute’s Tobacco Control Research Branch. SmokefreeVET is based on NCI’s text message smoking cessation program, which has a proven track record of success: after one month, 17% of NCI’s text program users reported that they had quit smoking and 11% were able to stay quit through 6 months.

    Veterans can sign up for the program by:

  • An educational campaign for the U.S. military, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Launched in February of 2007, the mission of the campaign Web site is to help U.S. service members and Veterans enrolled for care in the VA health care system quit tobacco—for themselves and for the people they love. This award-winning website provides the opportunity to learn more about tobacco cessation, develop a personalized plan for quitting, create a personal or public blog, and get live online help around-the-clock. Contact an expert coach to get answers about quitting tobacco, join a real-time group chat with a coach, or chat with others who are working to become tobacco free.


Online Telephone Reminder Tool

For those who have a hard time remembering appointments, medications, etc., the following can help as a resource for scheduling reminder calls.



* Please note that the above list includes resources that I, patients, and colleagues have found personally useful in the past; this is not an endorsement of any of these sites but rather a presentation of resources that I hope you may find helpful. Please feel free to likewise recommend additional resources that you may want to share with other readers. Thank you for your interest and review.